14 Days; A Mother, a Daughter, a Two-Week Goodbye.

Author:Wuske, Melissa
Position:Book review

Lisa Goich; 14 DAYS; Savio Republic (Nonfiction: Autobiography & Memoir) 23.00 ISBN: 9781618685605

Byline: Melissa Wuske

A daughter's heartfelt recollection of her last days with her mom, with an poignant introduction by Mitch Albom.

Lisa Goich was there to witness all of her mother Millie's final days, and she shares them openly, without moralizing. Goich's story begins December 11 -- two days after her mother entered the hospital after a debilitating fall, and when she decides to stop dialysis -- and continues until December 24, when her mother passes away. The holiday timing gives the story added emotion and weight, but Goich lightens the load by opening each chapter with an apt, sometimes playful, Christmas carol lyric. The foreword sets a deep emotional tone: it's a letter of introduction that Millie can present at the gates of heaven, written by Millie's friend Mitch Albom. With such a story, sentimentality is unavoidable, but Goich doesn't revel in it: she lets each moment carry the necessary emotion, without overburdening it with meaning. And her mother's determination and cantankerous spirit help keep Goich -- and the narrative -- from wallowing.

Goich's first-person storytelling is focused and full of voice -- using fragments for emphasis and rhythm, and employing laser-sharp...

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