12 Miracles of Spiritual Growth.

Author:Seggel, Heather
Position:Book review

E. Kent Rogers (author); 12 MIRACLES OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH; Swedenborg Foundation Press (Nonfiction: Religion) 15.95 ISBN: 9780877853435

Byline: Heather Seggel

After reading deeply into the New Testament Gospels, E. Kent Rogers began to find that Jesus's miracles were speaking to modern-day problems on many levels. With this guidebook for group study, he discusses twelve of these messages. First, the relevant Bible passage is quoted in its entirety, then Rogers expands upon it. In a story from the book of Matthew, in which Jesus heals a woman's daughter, he points out that for such a woman to even approach him was risky. Being female and the mother of a disabled child were both considered marks against her. Jesus insults and dismisses her twice, forcing the woman to stand her ground before he heals her child. Rogers interprets the healing as extending from the child to the mother, because she was healed of her sense of unworthiness. The discussion is followed by a guided meditation, along with "Leaves" (affirmations inspired by the story), "Fruit" (a list of activities designed to help you put the teaching into daily practice), and discussion questions.

The book's format and structure should make it useful to Christian discussion groups. It's nondenominational and could appeal to non-Christians as well, but for the occasional discussion that may lose those outside the faith (for example, the notion that addiction and personal upset can be blamed on external, seemingly literal...

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