100 Things I Learned in Heaven.

Author:Summers, Julie
Position:Brief article - Book review

100 Things I Learned in Heaven

Karen Bauer

Balboa Press

c/o Hay House, Inc.

PO Box 5100, Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100


9781452522913 $35.95 hc

9781452522890 $17.99 sc

Synopsis: In her new spiritual, inspirational memoir, Karen Bauer shares with readers her compelling spiritual journey and actual visitations to heaven, where she learned one hundred life-changing truths from God and the angels. And through her journey, she discovers her life's calling and purpose. Although the author's experiences and journey are incomprehensible to limited human understanding, she tells her story in such down-to-earth language and vivid imagery that readers have the sense that they are traveling right along beside her, thus lending credibility to...

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