10 tips for training on tight budget.

Position:Professional Development - Brief Article

When faced with a tight budget, there are a number of inexpensive ways to boost training effectiveness:

  1. Take advantage of local colleges to the fullest. Many now offer instructional design services, multimedia production and online learning at reasonable rates.

  2. Hire independent local consultants, coaches and trainers, instead of expensive, big-name consulting firms.

  3. Learn more about instructional design so you can create, streamline or customize programs that consistently meet your needs and minimize costs.

  4. Develop lessons-learned information and put it online for easy access. Do the same for standard operating procedures and other "how-to" content. This can aid in the successful transfer of existing training and, in some cases, replace it.

  5. Base training on your strategic plan. Set training priorities in accordance with it, and focus on those people whose performance is most crucial to your company's success.

  6. Offer an expanded internal support system with greater mentoring, coaching and e-learning to enhance and accelerate in-house learning opportunities.

  7. Search, find and apply for state grants even if you work for a profit organization.

  8. Stimulate innovation. Set outrageous...

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