10-digit dialing to begin soon in 803 area code.

S.C. residents living in areas with 803 area codes will soon have to dial 10 digits when making a local call.

In April 2020, the 803 area code covering Chester, Richland, Sumter, Aiken, and Allendale counties will have a new 839 area code overlay added,according to a news release from theS.C. Public Service Commission. When the 839 area code is activated, people who are making local calls within the 803 area code will have to dial the area code instead of the seven-digit number.

Beginning Oct. 26, residents can start dialing 10-digit numbers.

The Public Service Commission said current numbers within the 803 area code will not change. The cost of a call or other rates and services will not change with the addition of the new area code.

Automatic dialing equipment that is programmed to dial a seven-digit number will have to be reprogrammed to match the new 10-digit dialing procedure. That includes life safety systems, stored...

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