10 Career Essentials.

Position:Book review

Donna Dunning (author); 10 CAREER ESSENTIALS; Nicholas Brealey Publishing (Business & Economics) $0.00 ISBN: 9781857885422

Donna Dunningas 10 Career Essentials is not a book about finding a career; rather, it addresses the all-important notion of matching personality type to career goals. This well-written and organized book guides the reader through ten aessential career success strategies,a each of which is thoroughly described and accompanied by specific examples. At the end of each success strategy is a aReflection and Actiona section which contains an exercise to help the reader with self-assessment.

The strategies have such interesting titles as aAsk Yourself for Directions,a aPut Yourself in Charge,a and aDisentangle Your Thoughts.a Dunning consistently offers up provocative questions that lead the reader to self-awareness and discovery. In aDisentangle Your Thoughts,a for example, the author asks, aCan you identify your blind spots?a and aAre you thinking about your thinking?a If nothing else, such questions are compelling enough to keep the reader engaged and moving forward.

Dunning does a particularly good job of employing the standardized Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a sixty-year old personality inventory assessment tool, in a contemporary and useful way. Early in the book, she guides the reader through an analysis of personality types, encouraging the reader to select one of eight types that aseems most natural and comfortable.a Then for...

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