1-9 audits & worksite raids spiked in 2018: What's next and how should you prepare?

Your organization's odds of facing government scrutiny of its immigration paperwork jumped last year. The final 2018 stats:

* I-9 audits up 300%. ICE initiated I-9 audits against 5,981 employers, compared with 1,360 the year before.

* Worksite investigations up 300%. ICE opened 6,848 worksite investigations last year, up from 1,691 in 2017.

* Arrests up 600%. ICE made 779 criminal arrests and 1,525 administrative arrests at workplaces (employees and managers), compared with 139 and 172 the year before.

What to expect in 2019? Here's an outlook from attorney John Fay, president of LawLogix and a featured speaker at the LEAP 2019 conference (see pg.8):

FORM I-9 AUDITS. Trend: Continuing and expanding. In 2019, expect ICE to continue to increase audits by another 200% to 300%. The agency has also hinted at other changes to increase audits, including electronically scanning I-9s to help flag suspicious activity and serving inspections notices electronically or by certified mail, instead of in person.

THE E-VERIFY PROGRAM. Trend: Continuing and expanding. E-Verify continues to grow, with enrollment...

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