Author:Vogt, Leonard
Position:News for Educational Workers - Academe on the Arab-Israeli conflict - Brief article

The Teachers' Union of Ireland (TUI) became the first academic union in Europe to endorse the Palestinian call for an academic boycott of Israel. Referring to Israel as an "apartheid state," the TUI called for "all members to cease all cultural and academic collaboration with Israel, including the [institutional] exchange of scientists, students and academic personalities, as well as all cooperation in research programs" (LaborAgainstWar, April 10, 2013)

Back here at home and several months earlier, lawmakers threatened the funding of Brooklyn College for hosting an event on the divestment (BDS) campaign against Israel, but failed to stop the program (www.democracynow.org February 6, 2013). Across the country at University of California Berkeley, the Student Senate passed a resolution in favor of divestment from companies that profit from...

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