Position:Book review

Chuck Wachtel (author); 3/03; Hanging Loose Press (Fiction: Literary) $18.00 ISBN: 9781934909188

In March 2003, the government of the United States unleashes a awave of steela on Iraqaoperation ashock and awea at full throttle. Missiles whistle across cloudy landscapes on television screens and Tom, a writer and professor in New York City, moves noiselessly through the minutiae of everyday life, notebook in hand. Serving as a logbook of the people and places he encounters each day, Tomas notebook becomes a means of connection, a way to record, critique, and make sense of a world where reality is edited into convenient segments on the nightly news.

Identified as aa novel and commonplace book,a this indicates the dual nature of the narrative. At once a fully realized story of one manas struggle to understand rapidly unfolding events, as well as a compendium of observations noted during the month of March 2003, 3/03 brings the world of fact and fiction together in a refreshing new way. As a writer, Tom expands his observations into fictive imaginingsathe reader observes his creative process and witnesses the transformation of each sketch into something whole. A woman passing on the street carrying several bags of chips becomes a vessel of meaning, an opportunity to see more. Reviewing notes from Chekhovas notebooks, Tom observes that aeach is a thumbnail sketch, a moment reduced...

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