• The Policy Debate Surrounding Gun Litigation in the United States. Handguns: the Law and Economics of the Hamilton v. Beretta Suit Against Handgun Ma

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(Professor Frank J. Vandall, BA, JD, LLM, SJD; studied law at Vanderbilt and Wisconsin. He has taught Torts at Emory for 40 years.)


One of the most influential schools of thought in evaluating the legal process is law and economics. Although this discipline has been in existence for over thirty years, no one has attempted to evaluate whether and to what extent it affects the court’s decision in a case. The issues we consider in this paper are how economic testimony affected the actual decision and the role afforded by the court to economic analysis as contrasted with the law in crafting a decision. This presentation also provides readers with a review of the issues and evidence on the important public policy issue on the handgun control. Our methodology was to examine the trial and appeal of Hamilton v. Beretta from both a legal and an economic perspective.

MATERIAS: Gun control, Policy, Litigation, constitution, Constitutionalism, Torts, personal injury, Proximate Cause, state courts, federal courts, cause in fact, gun manufacturers, gun sellers, gun dealers, Liability, Appeal, New York, class action, supreme courts, District Court, Court of Appeals