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This 4-vol. source provides exciting details on key events, people and outcomes of 150 major Supreme Court decisions that have had a significant impact on American society. The set contains 150 illustrations with cases arranged under topical overview essays. Case entries are three to five pages in length and describe events leading up to the case, key moments in the case, the Supreme Court decision and its relevance to today's students. Also featured are helpful boxes listing key court details and sidebars providing brief biographies of justices and key court figures and important facts about the amendment or part of the Constitution being argued.

With the power of judicial review, Supreme Court justices are the ultimate authority in federal and state law, making their decisions the most hotly debated topics in the country. Look for case descriptions on these and many other important Supreme Court topics:
- Slavery
- Abortion
- Segregation
- Freedom of religion
- Civil rights
- And many others