Property Law For Dummies

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(Professor of law and Director of the Rural Law Center at the University of Wyoming College of Law)


The easy way to make sense of property law
Understanding property law is vital for all aspiring lawyers and legal professionals, and property courses are foundational classes within all law schools. Property Law For Dummies tracks to a typical property law course and introduces you to property law and theory, exploring different types of property interests—particularly "real property."
In approachable For Dummies fashion, this book gives you a better understanding of the important property law concepts and aids in the reading and analysis of cases, statutes, and regulations.
Tracks to a typical property law course
Plain-English explanations make it easier to grasp property law concepts
Serves as excellent supplemental reading for anyone preparing for their state's Bar Exam
The information in Property Law For Dummies benefits students enrolled in a property law course as well as non-students, landlords, small business owners, and government officials, who want to know more about the ins and outs property law.

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