Pass the Bar Exam, Teacher's Manual

American Bar Association
Publication date:

(Concord's Assistant Dean of Bar Support Programs and is also the Assistant Dean of Academic Support and Bar Support at Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, California)


If you fi nd yourself in any of the following situations, Pass the Bar Exam and this Teacher's Edition are for you: › Your Dean comes to you and says, “I know you have your hands full helping 1L and 2Ls to develop basic law school and study skills, as well as time management, but we need you to create and teach a bar support course.” › Bar pass rates have dipped at your law school. With the job market and economy, your students are unhappy. You need to breathe new life into your bar support program. › You are the ASP and Bar Support Director. There is only one of you and hundreds of students. How can you help them all without spreading yourself too thin? Pass the Bar Exam, Teacher's Edition is designed to serve faculty who are developing or growing bar support efforts in law schools. Its companion book, Pass the Bar Exam, is a stand-alone volume for students to help them plan and navigate the road to bar success. This Teacher's Edition, used in conjunction with that text, can help faculty design their own courses and workshops and assist in one-on-one counseling of students who are preparing to take the bar. Including exercises, discussion questions, sample syllabi, and chapter-by-chapter lesson plans, the Pass the Bar Exam package will help you build the foundation for successful bar support.

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