• Mortgaging God''s Interest. Accommodating and Mainstreaming Shari''ah Compliant Mortgage Products in the United States

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(Khaled A. Beydoun is an attorney, consultant and entrepreneur. He has drafted works focusing on Islam, civil rights, and human rights law. A native of Detroit and a graduate of the University of Michigan, Khaled earned his JD from the UCLA School of Law, and his LLM from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.)


At first glance, the study of Islamic finance will likely conjure up imagery of bustling banking centers in Damascus, Baghdad or Cairo circa the apex of the Islamic Empire. However, the salience of Shari''ah -based banking institutions and practices has become increasingly relevant, both within and outside the bounds of the Muslim world. Today, "Islamic finance" and its range of financial products are part of the business dealings in New York City, Toronto, and London. Muslims living in the West have begun using Islamic finance in connection with purchases of real and personal property. The embryonic stages of an Islamic finance domestic market, catering specifically to Americans is, well underway in the United States. With the increase of the aggregate Muslim population in the United States, demographic and economic trends support the emergence of Islamic finance in the United States. Taking out a mortgage that is compliant with Islam (hereinafter Shari‘ah Compliant Mortgages, or "SCM''s"), naturally, is the most common service these Muslim Americans will demand of their banks.

MATERIAS: Islamismus, Islamic Finance, multiculturalism, Mortgages, Shari''ah, Islamic Laws, Sharia''ah compliant, Bank, diversity