• Law and Investment in Jordan. The Legal Environment of Business after WTO accession, the Bilateral Investment Treaty and Free Trade Agreement with the

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(Dr. Abdullah Suleiman Nawafleh, LLB in Law, Amman University (Amman-Jordan); LLM in International Law and Diplomacy, University of Derby (Derby-England); and PhD in Law, University of Westminster (London-England). The author has published various articles in leading refereed international law journals.)


The legal environment of business in Jordan has undergone a number of significant changes during the decades. More recently and in an even shorter timeframe, reforms have also enabled Jordan to access the World Trade Organization, enter Bilateral Investment Treaties and Free Trade Agreements with several countries, including the United States and the European Union. This book provides an introduction into the Jordanian legal system, and the legal framework governing foreign direct investment. It also covers the legal environment of business after WTO accession, the bilateral investment treaty and Free Trade Agreement with the United States. This book will be of interest for law students, business students, and those majoring in Middle Eastern studies, equally to lawyers practicing international transactions and management consultants with established or prospective business interests in the Middle East.

MATERIAS: Jordan, WTO, Foreign Direct Investment, Intellectual Property, Free Trade, Bilateral Investment Treaties, Dispute resolution, Employment, United States, Business Law, Legal Reform