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  • Study links diversity, increased board engagement

    Data collected on over 1,600 nonprofit boards show that American charities continue to struggle with the quest for diversity—and are missing out on some key advantages a diverse board offers in the way of internal and external engagement.

  • Study looks at cause engagement, millennials
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    Structuring Major Gifts Conference ASAE Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference Engage for Good 2018 Conference 2018 Fundraising and Development for Nonprofits Conference

  • Resources webinar explores special events planning Webinar looks at fundraising on social media Foundation Center offers intro to fundraising planning

  • News

    Philanthropic leaders join forces on SDGs 2017 sees increase in $10 million gifts to higher ed

  • Successful transitions often involve keeping founders involved, study shows

    Many nonprofits struggle with succession planning, especially when it's the organization's founder that is moving on and being replaced with another leader. But while conventional wisdom has held that a “clean break” is often best in these cases—allowing the new executive to operate without the stress of the founder looking over his or her shoulders—that may not be the case after all.

  • AFP launches gender inequality initiative

    The Association of Fundraising Professionals has launched a new campaign aimed at increasing gender equality in the profession. The AFP's Women's Impact Initiative will address issues of gender inequity in the fundraising profession and charitable sector more broadly, including sexual harassment, salary inequality and the lack of women in senior leadership roles, the group said.

  • Peer‐to‐peer fundraising data show industry in transition

    The latest data about peer‐to‐peer fundraising show that nonprofits are transitioning away from one or two national‐scale signature events and introducing more, smaller‐scale events aimed at giving new and existing multiple points of engagement—and it appears to be working.

  • Donors not as concerned about nonprofit overhead ratios as believed, study shows

    While it may seem like established fact that donors judge charities based on their overhead ratios and direct their contributions accordingly, new research shows that's not necessarily the case—potentially freeing up nonprofits from the burdensome “race to the bottom” that can ensue when comparing themselves to other organizations with better metrics.

  • Employment Law

    One day of cursing doesn't create hostile environment Failure to report harassment proves fatal to former employee's suit Alleged conduct neither severe nor pervasive

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  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative highlights benefits of LLC structure

    The news of Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, pledging the lion's share of their wealth to charity made waves recently in the philanthropic sector, but not just because of the couple's generosity. Instead of donating 99 percent of their Facebook shares to launch a private foundation ...

  • Disaster‐related giving far outpaced by long‐term recovery needs, experts say

    While the amount of cash and in‐kind contributions to disaster relief from the corporate and nonprofit sectors might seem significant—it can routinely stretch into the hundreds of millions, domestically—it is nonetheless far too low to adequately address the long‐term challenges faced by...

  • Employment Law

    Retaliation: Former board member unprotected by Title VII Hostile Work Environment: Former employee's testimony saves her case Hostile Work Environment: Failure to establish causation kills former employee's...

  • Employment Law

    Disability Discrimination: Doctor's note unravels former employee's suit Discrimination: Former employees turned out of court Sexual Harassment: Former employee's suit goes...

  • Giveffect revolutionizes the nonprofit sector by “democratizing” its fundraising structure

    The $5.1 billion crowdfunding market has rattled the halls of development offices nationwide and is set to double next year, according to Giveffect CEO and co‐founder Anisa Mirza. As of 2013, nonprofits and other social‐good causes had taken in a substantial piece of that pie—30 percent of the...

  • Industry experts, regulators working to streamline licensing for fundraisers nationwide

    As nonprofits across the country gear up to start the new year, most have the sometimes daunting task of renewing their certifications and licenses that allow them to legally fundraise in the 39 states that require such paperwork. With every state having its own requirements, forms and deadlines,...

  • Research quantifies the high value in sustainer donor programs

    New research conducted by the newly launched Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact makes a strong case for sustainer donor programs, putting in clear terms the dollar value of monthly giving. Per the Institute's numbers, the typical new sustainer donor yields anywhere from 15 to 36 times the ...

  • Employment Law

    Employment Law: Public nature of employee's speech keeps case alive Retaliation: Judge refuses ‘manager rule’ in Title VII case Sexual Harassment: Sexual materials in the workplace result in...

  • Employment Law

    Discrimination: Workplace conduct justifies termination Discrimination: Lack of evidence stymies former employee's suit Due Process: Perfect compliance with procedures is not...

  • Help board members become ‘ambassadors’ to maximize their fundraising impact

    For the typical nonprofit organization, having an engaged board of directors that generates fundraising revenue and helps to mobilize volunteers and spur event participation is critical to success. And, in most cases, board members are more than willing to help in these areas—contributing their...

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