Movers & Shakers

Campaigns & ElectionsVol. 30 Nbr. 3, March 2009

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Oftentimes people have issues that meet diat nexus of politics and policy, and they want to get better at making their arguments to authences on Capitol Hill, within the administration and the public, as well as other tailored authences like trade magazines, the financial press, the political press. Speaking of the campaign trail, do you think Republicans in 2008 lost their message- or did they lose the message war? [...] they laid bait all over a national security debate, over who was stronger on Iraq - areas that, with John McCain's resume, he's hard to beat.We took the bait, and we spent the last couple days in Florida off-message at a time where if we had won Florida, I think we would have been the nominee.

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Movers & Shakers

Kevin Madden served as communications director for Gov. Mitt Romney during the Republican presidential primary. He's now a vice president in the Glover Park Group's public affairs division.

Politics: What projects are you working on for Glover Park Group right now?

Madden: Well, essentially what I do here is run mini campaigns. Oft...

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