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Vol. 13 Nbr. 2, April 2009

Pakistan's Ultimate Nightmare Scenario: Preventing Islamic Extremists From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons

[...] Islamic extremists will require real-time information identifying the precise location of Pakistan's nuclear weapons components. [...] Islamic extremists desiring to steal a Pakistani nuclear weapon must have sufficient intelligence to differentiate between storage sites that house shields and storage sites that house the fissile cores.

Identity Burglary

[...] the methods and manifestations of identity theft are ever increasing in their diversity. THE FAMILIAR MODEL OF TRADITIONAL THEFT CRIME CLASSIFICATION In order to effectively make the case that identity theft statutes should be re-crafted to more closely resemble the framework by which traditional theft crimes are delineated, it is first necessary to note the basic classifications delineated by that framework and the basis upon which those delineations are made.\n68 Another benefit lies...

The Invisible Constitution

11 Taking up the issue of the Twenty-Seventh Amendment -proposed by Congress to the states in 1789, but unratified until 1992- Tribe posits that it is controversial even what is included in the written document.12 Tribe adduces Justice Antonin Scalia's (to judge by Tribe's account, apparently capricious) statement that the TwentySeventh Amendment did not become part of the Constitution upon the thirty-eighth state's ratification, in illustration of Tribe's own point that there is not general ...

On the Freedom of a Congregation: Legal Considerations When Lutherans Look to Change Denominational Affiliation

9 On a multitude of other resolutions regarding homosexual clergy and the blessing of same-sex relationships, the Assembly voted to defer the questions to the next convention,10 maintaining a status quo that prohibits ordained ministry by actively homosexual persons11 and the blessing of same-sex relationships.12 At the upcoming 2009 Churchwide Assembly, to be held in Minneapolis, the delegates will vote on a long-awaited Social Statement on Human Sexuality.13 Both liberals and conservatives ...

Rluipa and Eminent Domain: How a Plain Reading of a Flawed Statute Creates an Absurd Result

RLUIPA focuses on governmental action that involves land use regulation.\n214 This Article argues that no substantial burden existed in St. John's because the city did not simply offer compensation to the cemetery; the city actually began a long process of relocating the cemetery and found suitable new land for it. [...] even under the proposed RLUIPA statute, the city of Chicago would have been able to expand O'Hare airport by using eminent domain to take land owned by a church and cemetery.

Not All Violence Is Commerce: Noneconomic, Violent Criminal Activity, Rico, and Limitations On Congress Under the Post Raich Commerce Clause


The Supreme Court's Perversion of Equality

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