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National Conference of State Legislatures
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  • Vol. 40 Nbr. 1, January 2014

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Vol. 40 Nbr. 1, January 2014

Leadership training at Gettysburg.

POINT OF ORDER - Brief article

Meetings & seminars.

POINT OF ORDER - Conference notes - Brief article

NCSL staff in the news.

POINT OF ORDER - National Conference of State Legislatures' Sheri Steisel and Jeanne Mejeur on federal budget and minimum wage - Brief article

Research & publications.

POINT OF ORDER - Legislative bills - List - Brief article

Webinars & training.

POINT OF ORDER - Brief article - Calendar

40 Decades strong: State Legislatures magazine celebrates humble launch 40 years ago.

40 YEARS - Cover story

Senator Sharon Nelson (D) is the new Senate Democratic leader in Washington.

People & Politics - Brief article

Getting the lead out.


Is baby safe to sleep?

TRENDS & TRANSITIONS - Brief article

Renewable energy mandates on front burner.


It's all relative.

TRENDS & TRANSITIONS - States grant licenses for relatives to care for children

1 Bringing home the bacon.

STATELINE - Roadkill law on feral hogs, wild boars and turkeys - Brief article

2 Longhand lives.

STATELINE - Penmanship use on Common Core K- 12 education standards - Brief article

10 Pipeline partners.

STATELINE - Alaska to jointly develop with oil companies and the TransCanada Corporation a natural gas pipeline - Brief article

9 Bottom line.

STATELINE - Child care cost - Brief article - Statistical data

Hot on the horizon: here's a look at 10 emerging policy issues sure to heat up in the year ahead.


Cautious optimism: the verdict is still out on whether states are on track to make a full fiscal recovery.


Sandra Day O'Connor.

FOR THE RECORD - Interview

Pennies from heaven? States look to cloud-based computing for tax revenues as old sources evaporate or move online.


2014 New year, new laws: year 2014 rings in laws both quirky and predictable.


15 tips: as sessions begin, reviewing this sage advice will help you be the best you can be.


As they see it.

State legislator's election, violence penalty - Brief article

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