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Year 2000

Vol. 31 Nbr. 11, April 2000

Mergers & Disquisitions.

America Online and Time Warner merger


Balance Sheet.

Brief Article

Mental Detector.

School districts gather information on potentially violent students - Brief Article

Rush to Judgment.

National Research Council report on golbal warming - Brief Article

Anti-Gun Culture.

Media Research Center study finds media bias against guns - Brief Article

Daniel Forbes.

Brief Article


Brief Article

Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach, CA monitors racial slurs - Brief Article

Sheriff Greg Johnson.

Sheriff tries to rip stud out of daugter's tongue - Brief Article

Sioux Falls.

Teen curfew in Sioux Falls, Iowa - Brief Article

South Park.

Canadian woman wants name of character changed - Brief Article

Strikeout Reform.

Efforts to repeal mandatory sentencing laws in California - Brief Article

Tax Happy.

Taxation on recording media in Canada - Brief Article


North Carolina teacher suspended for practicing Wicca - Brief Article

Digital Doubts.

Problems with FCC standards for digital television - Brief Article

Just Send Money.

Public school finances - Brief Article

DVD'd to Death.

Motion Picture Association of America wins injunction against DVD-encryption descrambling program DeCSS - Brief Article

Hazardous Decisions.

Research on Superfund site cleaning - Brief Article

In Wales.

Three policemen convicted of speeding - Brief Article

Palm Beach County.

Police conduct toward a nine-year-old boy - Brief Article

The Canadian Broadcasting Standards.

On television cartoons - Brief Article

Tom Sawyer.

Play based on book is censored - Brief Article

Parental Leave.

Author John T. Bruer - Brief Article - Interview

Marriage Penalty.

Brief Article

President Scarface.

Bill Clinton's press relations - Brief Article

SECRETS of the Clinton Spectacle.

Brief Article

Billions Served.

Agronomist Norman Borlaug - Interview

The Drug War's Southern Front.

The In-Box Presidency.

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