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American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
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Vol. 32 Nbr. 10, December 2008

Saying 'I Do' to Blogging

CEOs of companies from American Ventures to Whole Foods count themselves as bloggers. Bloggers have swayed political elections, consumer opinion, and the daily news. In a recent study, a majority of journalists said that blogs are especially useful in helping them understand the context of a story or finding a new angle on one. Even the US presidential candidates stopped by a political bloggers' conference, fishing for votes. The technical aspect of blogging may be a nobrainer, but content dr...

Two Rainmaking Traps to Avoid

Professional services providers often fall into traps when selling their services. One trap is all-or-nothing thinking. Another is build it and they will come. Rainmaking requires many, many small advances to win big every once in a while. In many such cases, professionals rush to create and distribute a brochure or build a Web site and then wait for the business to come in. It usually doesn't. Remember that there are many steps to getting a client to hire you. One event is unlikely to genera...

Giving Employees Gifts May Require Giving to the Tax Collector Too

Although it is customary to think of gifts as having no tax consequences for the recipient, the Internal Revenue Code does not treat all gifts the same. Gifts that employers give to their employees are generally treated as supplemental wages and thus are subject to both payroll and income taxes. This means that the value of the gift must be included in the employee's W-2 at year end and included in a payroll period for purposes of income tax withholding and payroll taxes. In the context of an...

Managing Employees Who Are Also Family Caregivers

More than 50 million Americans today are family caregivers - the primary caregivers for sick, disabled, or elderly family members. Employers and managers should become aware of employees' individual situations and how they may affect job performance. The more employers and managers know about employees, the better able they will be to manage them through any challenge. However, employers and managers must be cautious not to overstep boundaries. Flexibility can help to relieve workplace stress...

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